He used to hate the flowering plants when he was a young boy. Napoles Dennis Cunanan never quite understood why his late mother would toil all day, tending to plants that bear no fruit. He was quite indignant, as his mother would pull him away from his small vegetable garden and ask him to tend to the thorny bougainvillea, hanging orchids, hibiscuses, lilies, and other flowering blooms. Always, he would find a way to get out of it—he preferred his peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, lettuces, and cabbages over the ‘useless’ girly plants his mother loved so much.

Dennis Cunanan

He only came to love that garden upon his mother’s unexpected passing. He never knew that a rare disease has been eating at her for years, so her death blindsided him. The days, months, and years that followed her death brought him immense grief. Only the garden that was born out of his mother’s love, nurture, and care brought him comfort. At first, he just stared at the garden, wanting to feel his mother’s loving presence in the colorful blooms that brightened the otherwise green garden. When he saw that the hibiscuses were slowly dying, he was gripped with a fear so strong, that he immediately tended to them—and the entire garden afterwards. He knew that his mother’s presence was most alive in those blooms; he could not allow them to wither. With that in mind, he started to continue the work his mother had so lovingly begun.

Each day, he would find peace in pulling out weeds overturning the soil to give room and air for the blooms. He would always find a sense of comfort in spraying the hanging orchids gently with water. He studied Landscape Architecture and double majored with a degree Environmentalist Science, making him one of the most famous landscape architects and most active champion of nature in Narvagua, Monteblanco.

Mum’s Forever Garden is now his family’s greatest legacy and blessing to the world. Thousands of people from all over the world flock to the small garden that has now grown into the country’s most popular tourist spot, spanning hectares of land divided in several sections—his mother’s garden, now called the ‘Eternal Gardens’; the Nature Conservatory, the Soul Blooms, and Napoles’s own vegetable patch, which was now called ‘The Greens’.

Mum’s Forever Garden has become synonymous to peace, healing, spiritual transformation, and creation. It was as if Napoles’ mother breathed magic into the entire place, guarding it with love and protection from heaven. Many have claimed that they could literally feel their hearts being healed and spirits being restored the moment they sit and meditate in the Soul Blooms. Little children favored the Nature Conservatory as they were able to play with the various fauna that inhabit the land.

Different species of birds were found building their nests in the many wonderful trees, whereas some have reported that they already found deer, squirrels, and small monkeys playing in the small forest attached to the land.

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